Anywhere camera
enhances the sense of security.

How should we make a 'reasonable' remote surveillance system, or connect your web camera to 3G/LTE network?



I'm studying a flexible remote surveillance system so that my grandparents, far from my house, can be relaxed for not worrying about sneak thieves.

There're many surveillance camera systems on earth but sometimes their price is too expensive for home uses. And the system should use a cellurar modem because there is no broadband connection in their house.

But I reached little information about a home surveillance system that optimized for using a cheap mobile network. So, I've started making it.



You can make the system with low-cost computer board (5,400 yen), surplus USB camera(500 yen), minimum cellular network (its monthly cost would be 972 yen.)

As Raspberry Pi 2 is more powerful than a former model, you can connect more than 4 pieces of web camera. It costs lower than many other finished IP Camera system.

Easy control

motionEye is a web-based user interface for motion. So, you can change almost settings in remote, for example a control level of motion detection, through your browser (includes one of a smartphone.)


You can choice whether low-cost or high-performace system, numbers of camera, where it sets, and how you get images.

Mobile optimized

This system can optimize streaming to low-cost mobile network. To save the communication fee, it doesn't send any movie files to file-server. On the other hand, you can connect it directly and see motion-detected videos directly. If you have a ticket to use 3GB/month, you can see live stream for 25 minits a day, 11 hours a month.

Japanese localized

I have localized motionEye to Japanese. You can use user friendly home surveillance system in Japanese.

Anywhere camera

You can setup this surveillance system wherever it can use power supply and mobile network. For example, your home, fields, vacant houses in countryside, gardens, temple and so on.